Why Change?

Change is part of our everyday lifes. It is hope for struggles in society. It is the goal of personal development and a career.

It is essential to companies in achieving business excellence. Yet, change is also a buzzword. For many it is the grand vision of a better future. For others it is the extra effort in yet another reorganisation or improvement project at work. Both are challenged to find a pragmatic approach to realising this change beyond nice words.

Change is a craftsmanship. The Systemic Change Institute builds on the vast experience of its experts to help you master this craftsmanship. You can learn change as a triangle of professional personal awareness and attitude, knowledge and skills, but also the ability to realise and manage your project systematically.

All our courses qualify you in each of the three areas – awareness and attitude, knowledge and skills, pratical tools. Every course gets you closer to mastering change, from a first understanding as Basic Systems Practitioner to Change Agent, Change Master and Change Entrepreneur.

Who we are

A group of dedicated experts who are looking for a new understanding of change in the world.

We want to share our experience of doing change in various industries. In cooperation with highly experienced educators, learning platforms and renowned international associations we provide an exhaustive quality programme around change.

We that is:

Dr. Louis Klein

Prof. Ockie Bosch

Alexander Kiehne



High-end learning solutions for professional certification:

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"IF YOU WANT TO CREATE A CHANGE, you must challenge not only the models of Unreality, but the paradigms that underwrite them."

Stafford Beer

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