WS – ‘Intelligence and Calibration’ for Manufacturing Excellence

About the Workshop:

The workshop ‚Intelligence and Calibration’ for Manufacturing Excellence combines professional input and peer-to-peer-case work in a club format. It provides its paticipants the platform to jointly take a step back together with colleagues from other organisations and sectors and to focus on the observable current driving dynamics of Manufacturing beyond the challenges of daily business.

On the level of Intelligence this means to focus on questions like

  • ‘What is new?’, asking what is the current professional trends in the context of Manufacturing Excellence,
  • What is the current state of the Manufacturing community of practice?

On the level of Calibration the workshop reflects the participants’ individual professional practice:

  • What are recurring roadblocks of daily practice?
  • How do others cope with it? How do they handle them?
  • What can I learn from them? What can they learn from me? What can we learn all together?

Accompany and knowledgeable input on present topics that are identified and conceptualised in advance of the workshop form a taylor-made structure to assure highest target orientation and concrete benefits for its participants.

The detailed agenda is defined by the participant’s needs. For this, prior to the workshop a call will be realised to clarify each participant’s expectation. On request, this approach can be taylored along the individual needs, interests and occasions of the participants.

What will stand as the result of the workshop, is a reassurance of peers about the current state of a shared practice, the identification of conceivable challenges to this practice, first strategic ideas on how to respond on these challenges, new perspectives and insights concerning one’s own cases and if nothing else an extended network of colleahues and peers.

Dialogue und Cooperation are paramount. It is about extending one’s knowledge and skills in the field of Manufacturing Excellence by exchange with others and learning together with and by others. Benchmarking as navel-gazing focussing personal successes and self-promotion is simply undesired.

Who should attend the workshop:

The workshop ‘Manufacturing Excellence’ addresses Plant Managers and Production Managers, but also Change Leaders of the Manufacturing industry with strategical and operational responsibility. The interrelation of theory input and reflection of current practices sheds light on the condition of possibilities of excellent and robust managment action in the Manufacturing Sector, characterised by rising omplex of responsibility and decision-making. The workshop will provide sustainable strategies and inputs for possible solutions.

What you will learn:

  • Inputs on the current state of the sector by agamus, Kurzeja und SEgroup. What is new, what is important and what will not last?
  • Specific solution ideas on personal cases by peer review and case work.

Workshop frame:

Initial offer:

  • Four dates per year,
  • Two-day workshop,
  • Coretime thursday to friday (noon to noon).

Venue options:

  • Location/Hotel

Meaning located near airport or city centre (e.g. Munich or Berlin)

  • Location/Island

Meaning easy to reach refuge contrasting daily business (e.g. Mallorca)

Price per participant:

  • 1500 -1800€ (without travel expenses)

Next available dates:

  • 27/28 of July 2017
  • 28/29 of September 2017