Systemic change needs critical thinking to reach beyond the promise and deliver true change. At the Systemic Change Institute, we keep a critical eye on the latest cutting-edge change management trends put on display. We do not believe in “10 points to boost success” or “5 points to grant sustainability” or “the one and only way of change”. We learn continuously from our daily practice of True Change with the Systemic Excellence Group and from our active engagement in international networks of leading change management specialists and researchers. We want to share our insight and learning with you and support you on your way to master the complexity of true change. This puts our blog at the very heart of the SCI.

Attitude and philosophy

True change is an attitude and a philosophy. Mastering knowledge, skills and projects is – like in martial arts – only the surface. True change goes deeper. Solutions focus and resource orientation are traits of true change agents, masters and entrepreneurs. Systemic change is knowing about the sweet spots where little interventions make for massive change. And knowing about the Tai Chi of change enables us to guide a learning organisation towards a thriving one.

We came a long way

The Systemic Change Institute is deeply rooted in more than 20 years of practice in teaching and enabling change agents and systemic consultants. It started in the field of organisational development and process consultancy but soon moved on to enabling cultural change especially in post-merger integration and cross-cultural competences on a global stage at the begin of the century. With entrepreneurship came intrapreneurship and new chapters in teaching change, know-how, skills and practices. Finally, in our era of innovation beyond continuous improvement the SCI arrived in the 21st century, interweaving classic, contemporary and future threads to bring forward a compelling practice for true change.